Friday, June 8, 2012

My Collection, Swatched: Julep Demi

Julep Demi is a dark, blackened red.  It is very reminiscent of OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, but more visibly red.  This color is the most amazing vampy red I have found so far, only because it actually still looks red, not brown.  Most of the other dark reds I own have a lot of brown, but this one is perfection.  The formula is great with this one, opaque in two coats.  This color frustrated me while photographing: it just would not cooperate.  The bottle image at the top is the most color accurate, while the other images came out a brighter red.  LOVE this color, perfect for fall/winter, although I would probably wear this anytime. 

This image is indoors without flash.

This is outdoors in indirect sunlight.  Sorry for the glare, but I included this image to show the color. 

This is also outdoors in indirect sunlight.

This is outdoors in direct sunlight.  Love the glossy look!

Color: Julep Demi
Base Coat: Orly Top to Bottom
Top Coat: Orly top to Bottom


  1. @ Denise Gutierrez, yes it is amazing! Thanks for visiting.