Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Collection, Swatched: Zoya Adina (Day 11)

Adina is a light purple color with a green flash, basically a duochrome that goes from purple to green.  This is from the same collection as Happi, and it is gorgeous on the nail.  Anytime I wear this color, I end up staring at it throughout the day. 

This is indoors, with flash.

Again, indoors with flash.  You can see more of the green in this image.

Indoors, with flash.

Outdoors, shade.  This is what it looks like regularly, almost a metallic/glossy look to it.

Outdoors, direct sunlight.

Color: Zoya Adina
Base Coat: Essie All in one Base
Top Coat: Orly Glosser

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