Friday, May 18, 2012

My Collection, Swatched: Butter London Toff

Butter London Toff is a purple/rose creme with a glossy finish.  The swatches show three coats of Toff with base and top coat (Orly Top to Bottom). 

This image is indoors with flash. 

This image is outdoors without flash. 

The formula on this one was great, but a bit on the thick side.  I had no issues with application. 

This color is difficult to place, it is one of those work-safe colors that I do not necessarily gravitate towards.  Overall, it is boring, but it looks nice, and would be perfect for an interview or more formal event. 

BTW, I looked up the word Toff (seeing as I had no clue what it meant) and it is British slang that is used to refer to anyone who is well-off or landed gentry.  I guess the name is appropriate, very prim and proper. 

Butter London Toff
Base Coat: Orly Top to Bottom
Top Coat: Orly Top to Bottom

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