Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Collection, Swatched: Zoya Mitzi (Day 4)

Mitzi is a matte yellow-green color from the Mod Mattes collection.  The color is almost a lime green and the formula is okay, not the best, I had patches, but the nail polish was too thick.  The color is so unique and different and looks great as a matte.  I had to use three coats for the pictures below.  Just a note, this color stains really bad, even with base coat.  Even with all that, I love the color, so I can deal with the other issues! 

This is indoors, no flash.  Sorry about the awful application on the index finger, ugh!

Indoors, no flash.

And then I applied a top coat, this is indoors without flash.

Color: Zoya Mitzi
Top Coat: Orly Top to Bottom

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