Friday, May 18, 2012

My Collection, Swatched: Butter London Henley Regatta

Butter London Henley Regatta is a clear base with teal and green microglitter.  The glitter in this is sheer at first, but can be built up to full opacity.  The swatches show the difference in number of coats.  The index finger shows one coat, the middle finger two coats, and the ring finger three coats.  This does require a top coat for a smooth finish. 

This is indoors without flash.

Outdoors, without flash.

This is outdoors without flash.

The glitter can either be applied lightly as a top coat over another polish, or packed on for full intensity.  As you can see, three coats does not cover completely, but you can try using thicker coats or adding another layer to cover the patchy spots.  Either way, this glitter is gorgeous and shimmers beautifully.  I have applied this over BL Bluey, and it looks great: adds a lot of depth and intensifies the shimmer. 

Butter London Henley Regatta
Base Coat: Orly Top to Bottom
Top Coat: Orly Top to Bottom

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